The Irving and Phyllis Millstein
Foundation for Animal Welfare Ltd.

An Animal Centered Social Philanthropy®

Social Philanthropy

The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare® serves animal and human needs through grants and programs provided to 501(c)(3) organizations. Support is given for Outreach, Animal Relocation, Animal Care, Shelter/Capital Support, and Veterinary Medical Aid, helping dog, cat, and horse populations.

The Foundation's mission is to protect, care for, and support vulnerable, at-risk animals, and to address animal-related human conditions, connections, and bonds. Irving and Phyllis valued the human and animal relationship, and the Foundation provides grants and programs that foster and preserve these relationships. Grantmaking procedures are consultative and problem-solving.

For more information about the Foundation's mission and vision, both within the context of public policy, and how the Foundation operates, please read Foundation Policy Statement and Foundation Organization and Approach.

Two Women and a Horse


The Foundation’s goal is to extend and promote human/animal companionship and relationships through traditional grants and Foundation programs that address animal-centered social needs. Millstein Veterinary Project℠ grants fund the efforts of public charities to overcome barriers to proper animal care by pet owners, whether due to economic conditions or geographic access to care, and are comprised of Millstein MVP® sponsorships addressing vaccination drives and spay/neuter clinics. 

  For more information about the Foundation’s funding of grants and sponsored programs, please read  

Foundation Grantmaking Process.

Dog and Cat
Family and Their Horse
Veterinarian and Cat


Grant Consideration by Invitation 

You may use this form to contact the Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for general information. If you prefer, you may call us. If leaving a voicemail, provide your name, phone number, and a brief message. The Foundation will reply within five business days. Thank you.

MAIN OFFICE: Valley Stream, New York

PHONE: (516) 218-1082

Serving Charitable Organizations Within the United States of America.

CONTACT HOURS: Monday - Friday 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Robert J. Randell, Esq.
President and Treasurer

Malgorzata A. Stapor
Foundation Secretary
And Assistant Treasurer

Michael D. Randell

Vice President | Programs and Grants

Richard E. Randell

Vice President | Administration and Investments

Philip H. Randell

Vice President | Public Affairs and Development


Laurence I. Wald, CPA
Richard Nadelman, Esq.

Roberta Spring

Robert J. Randell, Esq., Chairman
Malgorzata A. Stapor, Secretary