Grant Consideration by Invitation

The Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation for Animal Welfare® issues grants to animal welfare charities and charities that provide people with animal-based services. You may use this form to contact the Foundation for general information. If you prefer, you may call us. If leaving a voicemail, provide your name, phone number, and a brief message. The Foundation will reply within five business days. Thank you.

MAIN OFFICE: Valley Stream, New York  

PHONE: (516) 218-1082

CONTACT HOURS: Monday - Friday 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Grantees that are located in New York City, Long Island, Greater Philadelphia, Greater Chicago and Greater Pittsburgh may provide services locally, regionally, multi-regionally, or nationally.  Charities that the Foundation supports outside of those regions must provide services nationally or provide services that have a national effect.  Please see Home Page for our other priorities. 


Robert J. Randell, Esq.
President and Treasurer

Malgorzata A. Stapor
Foundation Secretary
And Assistant Treasurer

Michael D. Randell

Vice President | Programs and Grants

Richard E. Randell

Vice President | Administration and Investments

Philip H. Randell

Vice President | Public Affairs and Development


Richard Nadelman, Esq.

Roberta Spring
Michael D. Randell
Richard E. Randell
Philip H. Randell

Robert J. Randell, Esq., Chairman
Malgorzata A. Stapor, Secretary