About Irving and Phyllis

Irving and Phyllis were friendly, industrious people from modest backgrounds who both loved animals. They met and married when they were working in New York City’s garment manufacturing center, where Irving went on to achieve great business success. During their lives together, they continually enjoyed the presence of wonderful pets that they dearly loved.

Business Success Leads to Devotion for Animal Welfare

Beginning in the 1960’s, when raincoats were only a sideline for manufacturers, Irving and his business partner successfully produced a unique brand of high-fashion women’s all-weather outerwear under their “Count Romi” label. Vintage Count Romi outerwear is still being sold on the internet. After Irving’s death Phyllis devoted virtually their entire wealth to a charitable trust for animal welfare, the forerunner of the present Irving and Phyllis Millstein Foundation.


Robert Randell and the Millsteins

Robert, an attorney at law, and his wife Sandra provided legal, business, and personal assistance to the Millsteins starting in the 1960s. Irving and Phyllis' legacies continue today through the efforts of Randell family members who now serve as Foundation officials and work in concert with charitable organizations and communities that need assistance.